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Deltron 3030

by Del The Funky Homosapien

3030 07:30
Chorus Things you can do, some can't be done (Repeat 7x) Things you can do... 3030 way past the millennium, check it out Yo, Deltron thunderforce, ain't no other source of sunlight / Two ton mic, leave you toungue-tied Runnin a muck with technology with no apology / Shoutin out to my colony with third eye physiology / Millennium past apocalypse is all I spit / Make you swallow it, your weak style, I'll abolish it / With nuclear rockets they glued to your optics with sci-fi / Unsettlin, man and metal blends / Underground chillin with the Mole Man and his whole fam / Inhibit bacterial growth, material wrote / Impenetrable, incontestable, indigestible intelligence / Never let a computer tell me shit/ It's rapid innovation, penetratin / Artificial life forms, who bite songs / I'm a buy a vest, lie is next, then I'll flip the bio-techs / Right into the wireless; your third eye is hit with psoriasis / The mightiest, Deltron Zero / Traverse and purge the travesties that tempt your earholes / The area of distribution, lifts the clueless / My flow is like, liquid oxygen / Rip it often with specific impulse, increasin thrust / Grease the cuts unleash a cluster of thoughts I muster / I talk to touch ya, and rupture commercial communications / Convert solar energy, into imagery / In the mind's eye, blindside the contagious / With radioactive isotopes to decay them / Atomic mass they small as fragments / I magnetize the avid lies / My radiation shields reflects, rejects Decepticons / Who take the truth and stretch it long, while I bless a song / Next level incredible, metal melding / Flexability and my engine is never failing Chorus Things you can do, some can't be done (Repeat 7x) Things you can do... All your rhyme histories combined couldn't violate / The Prime Optimus operative / Use my hydrometer to see how warm you are, watch me form a star / Hydrogen turned to helium when I shine / Ridin 'em, revealin 'em, leadin 'em to the vacuum / Interact with tunes in my digital citadel / Critical pivotal with the mental shit on you / Spit infinity, hidden energies too dope for our planet / Star spannin, slammin hymms with / mechanical limbs, scanning your lens / With cosmic rays, you'll all get played, your brain's inferior / I hit the lateral and posterior / My science is eerier / Ionic bonding for your moronic pondering, meet the armorines / My micro machines, might throw your team, into paralysis / They not talented, just a malady / Worry 'bout a salary, creative casualty / Couldn't defrag my power density intensity / Nonequivalence, nine hundred Newtons / Crush you like croutons, you plus Houston / Hiero's like dipoles inside a silo / Turbulence ten-fold, never simple / Defies accepted methods development most unique / Paralyze central nervous when you close to me / Interstellar void fills with color, appears to bubble and split into four like amoeba / Inhabitin planets with, grandiose boast and coast like Silver Surfer, feel the purpose / High velocity, verbal atrocities / Fire resistance, better hire assistants / My pistons glisten ultra, high performance / Inside your private quarters where I fry your components Chorus Things you can do, some can't be done (Repeat 7x) Things you can do...
Transmutation, brand new statements I'll have you gapin, open Check it out y'all Now let's see -- Deltron Z / Art avenger, let's start the adventure / Hit ya with nerve gas, absurd blasts / Crashin space craft, I'm bio-enhanced / Hiero advanced series, monstrous evolution / Headed, tooth and nail, scoop the trail / Super-sleuth, a new race / Mad creator, savage nature / World wide web, the ebb and flow / Light years from watchful eyes while my thoughts provide objectives to ostracize the pompous prophecies / Underground societies are hard to lead / Asteroid surfing, castor-oil burping / The darkest side of humanity animated / The grand awakening, plan to take it in / I demand your patronage, mobilize my battletanks / With clusters small, NTR's to empty Mars / Many MC's cruise low earth orbit / Easier for me to use my search warrant / Drift by a star, absorb it, and store it / Leave tourists pourous, my galaxy's gorgeous / Quantum jump, I'm right at your doorstep Kid Koala Cuts Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (I know perfectly well what it is you're talking about) Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Even if the record skips, I still rip) Now I catch more wreck with fast ignition / My last decision, pulse amplification / Terror with napalm, I want y'all to stay calm / Alien annihilation, I stay armed to the grill piece and kill beef / 20 percent matter, 30 percent is energy / Assimilating to become a living being / Evaporative radiation fades your station / I get high as aviation Kid Koala Cuts Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Reactors on) Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Even if the record skips, I still rip) I rise like helium, you're falling rapidly / Trapped in apathy, while I track your speed / I'm what you call a legend, dominance with armageddon / Gives me a warm reception / Verbal war with weapons, installation / Blowin the star dust, distance twelve parsecs / Enthuse your phalanx with my literary talents / Just a bit of balance, rip the silence / In space, all-star systems are our victims / Atomics, anonymous with ominous / Implications of information, or information, and entertainment / Cyber-tech dialect, you gotta earn my respect / I'm like Gamera to amateurs, hit em with a cannonball / And in all this confusion / The fusion of music and mind precipitates translucent illusions / Search the ruins with Automator / Hit the walls with a carbonator / Hit-or-missiles, just regenerate / The sonic soldiers allow us to demonstrate / Emergency dispatch, skyscrapers ripped back / From the impact, their flow is mismatched / My style's protected by heat shields and ceramics / Don't panic, I landed on planet Mercury / Gave it atmosphere, set up my headquarters / I'll never get captured here / Trap your tear, clap your ear with Soulsonic Mantronik phonics / Turn your brain to an omelette / I'll hold a comet in bondage, with my dominance / Take a space shuttle to escape trouble / Bounce through the Milky Way / Not many MC's feel this way Kid Koala Cuts Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Yeah yeah, what is it now) Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Even if the record skips, I still rip)
Virus 04:26
"Global controls will have to be imposed and a world governing body, will be created to enforce them. Crisis, precipitate change.." Secretly.. plotting your demise I wanna devise a virus / To bring dire straits to your environment / Crush your corporations with a mild touch / Trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus / I want to make a super virus / Strong enough to cause blackouts in every single metropolis / Cause they don’t wanna unify us / So fuck it total anarchy and can't nobody stop us / You see late in the evening / Fucked up on my computer and my mind starts roaming / I create like a heathen / The first cycles of this virus I can send through a modem / Infiltration hits your station / No Microsoft or enhanced DOS will impede / Society thinks their safe when Bingo! hard drive crashes from the rending / A lot of hackers tried viruses before / Vaporize your text like so much white out / I want it where a file replication is a chore / Lights out shut down entire White House / I don't want just a bug that could be corrected / I'm erecting immaculate design / Break the nation down section by section / Even to the greatest minds, it's impossible to find Chorus Repeat 2x I wanna devise a virus To bring dire straits to your environment Crush your corporations with a mild touch Trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus Kid Koala Cuts "We have already planned.." "The plan is programmed into every one of my thousand rrrobots.." "We will not hesitate; we will destroy the" -- "Homosapien!" "Please, stay where you are.." Psst ay, I'm makin some shit in my basement Bout to do it to 'em, don't tell 'em though Alright I love you, peace I want to develop a super virus / Better by far than that old Y2K / This is 3030 the time of global unification / Break right through they.. terminals / Burn 'em all, slaves to silicon / Corrupt politicians with leaders and their keywords / F.B.I and spies stealin bombs / Decipitate their plans in their face and catch the fever / Everybody loot the stores get your canned goods / Even space stations are having a hard time / Peacekeepers seek to take our manhood / Which results in the form of global apartheid / Ghettos are trash dumps with gas pumps / Exploding and burnt out since before the great union / The last punks walk around like masked monks / Ready to manipulate the database or break through 'em / Human rights come in a hundreth place / Mass production has always been number one / New Earth has become a repugnant place / So it's time to spread the fear to thunder some Kid Koala Cuts “Too long have we tried to extend our glorious empire out to the stars.." "Only to be driven back.." Chorus Repeat 2x I wanna devise a virus To bring dire straits to your environment Crush your corporations with a mild touch Trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus
Here at Brymar College We can get you prepared for the 31st century With advanced programming and quad rendering And Java plus plus plus scripting language We offer advanced job placement assistance So upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Comin from the outer regions of the universe Deltron Zero and Automator Check it Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Hey time for you to upgrade, fuck save, time to load / All my rhymes is sold / And find your own / Salivate over what I collaborate / with high tech wizardry / and breathe new life into the industry Save to the hard drive for the archives / Three thousand thirty with a global apartheid / Sensitivity ain't the energy / Brain chemically contorted / With the coordinates to your ordinance Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Yo, your recovery's slow / My dual input / Plus my modem / The tools in foot / Long songs instrumental digital projector professor / I'll school you on the art and how it's texture mapped / Get your act together, my style is mega / Educate the heads of eight lonely beggars / Only shred of evidence is the virtual file / Stored within the cerebellum hit you Berkowitz style Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter My defense capabilities with ape agilitiy / Take possibilities to the point of sense and shatter it / Commence the babbling I'm meditatin' on a homosapien / With no education I'm 3D acceleration / My programmin' language is the strangest / To come to grips with mechanized mischief / Kicks it off with circular projectiles X-Files / Heralded as the most important dwarf the corporates Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Hey, I reduce the game / When I boost my brain / What you used to sayin / I loosen the frame / With shock announcements / T-Minus and countin' / Effects control and bouncin' / Star studded and flooded like fountains / A new machine / Real artists are few between / You better lube your screen / My renders are splendor / Three sixty reflecting quickly / Increase your disk speed / So you can, Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter My production model is the stuff to boggle minds / You got a logon time of exactly thirty-six nanoseconds / Ambidextrious with ambience / Watch the cannons twist while I lockout my hardware / Word warfare logistically locate and process / With psychotropics to optimize my profits / Envelop you with development kits that help me / To embellish the elements dynamic and too intelligent Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Lookie here, as soon as I release the chip / You cease the rips and not / Since you want to top this reach to it / Digital retouch, reconstruct a whole conglomerate / With our armaments we use with tolerance / Such as a G-Bomb, cyborg with 3 arms / Translate the ancient language with a brain dish / Micro machines polystrene conducting electrons / Deltron strengthen with molecular bonds Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter
New Coke 00:41
Mastermind 03:34
Who fuses the music / With no illusions / Producing the blue prints Clueless? / Automator - defy the laws of nature / Electronic monolith throw a jam upon the disc / The futuristic looper with the quickness / Hyper-producin' hydrogen fusion liquids keep your distance First we coerce your brain patterns / Collaborate with time-consumin' re-programin' / I apply the flow cannon, the combo so slamin / Atomically reconstruct the old canvas / His logic impress, a hypnotic effect / Ya latin patent you could call it a gift / Man he all in the mix nuclear physicist / Geneticlly taylored every bit of this stimulus Psyonically bionically forget how you feel / Especially formulated the rest of you fornicated / It takes more to make this / He juggles variables / Unparalled propulsion to carry the load / Nuerosurgeon the purest virgin conducting currents / Musical merlin he shines like sterling / Watch the Automator draw laser of a higher intensity / And instantly miss a beat create a symphony Hey I know now, I know now repeat / Automator's on the planet earth and he's gonna stop the war of the worlds / Deltron Zero is here as well take the cut for real / He told y'all evil do'ers he is / truly gifted in the matters of rhythm / Ya you got to give him that / In his infnite wisdom you know you got to get with him
Madness 04:38
In the year three thousand and thirty everybody wants to be an MC In the year three thousand and thirty everybody want to be a DJ In the year three thousand and thirty everybody want to be a producer In the year three thousand and thirty everybody want to tell ya the meaning of the music I must appeal to you people with your faculties / Cuz everybody else is gonna laugh at me / People try to get over and take a crack at me / The universe is one and I can see what rap can be glorious / Put in the Smithsonian my podiums for holy hymns / But you see who’s controlling them / Fuck myself off cuz of the egotistical mode I'm in / No I can't slap you no five / When you and your cutty is talkin shit about me outside / People take pride in what they have no hand in / Sorta like a phantom holographic handsome / But deep inside he wants to do what his man done / Just because his peers jeer and and clown / When your six foot deep no one hears you now / They say we’re not compatible like deers and cows and owls / So many rules and regulations say you're not allowed Chorus (Repeat 4x) I'm caught in the grip of the city... Madness If I had to describe the way I survive its like vice squeezin / The reason I'm black and still breathin / Heathens will breed heathens so / Everybody's suspect I must check your ID / Cuz you lookin sheisty you might be intelligence / Someone that Del's against / Opposite or positive / When I drop the law against nature be faithful / Why should I hate you we ain't that different / We may act different in some ways / But we still grouped together like a fuckin survey / Sufferin and fuck em all's the motto / I'm trapped in a bottle / My music's gettin hollow / That's what happens when humanity you follow / Where every leak or info is hard to swallow / Sell your Marlboros and car insurance / Put niggas on the moon and can't pay for your burdens / I smoke herb and rock a turban / Meditate on the world and whats occurrin / A lot of white boys like the style and copy / Dig in something deeper and you’ll peep that were not free / It's not about the separation, its about the population Chorus (Repeat 4x) I'm caught in the grip of the city... Madness Simple minded people always point the finger / To bring it to a close as if life is their role, their path / When all paths are intersections / It all depends on the persons perception / When I'm mad as fuck you get shot / And to some it's bad luck / I believe you held something back for too long / It grew strong / And energy has its own will / And people think they make music still / But music is there with out you or me we just manipulate / For better or worse so let it situate / I get to make records and dough / Paid out the ass hole / And still seen as another face on the totem pole / Conquer, my sponsors are monsters / And everybody thinks that I owe them one / I'm glad I love music and life / Cuz it's easy to see the pain and strife and end it all tonight Chorus (Repeat 4x) I'm caught in the grip of the city... Madness
MC Paul Barman What's happening? / I keep my dreadlocks in a napkin ring Rap and sing / Unlike the homogenous clones / I'm into earth tones, birth stones, and erogenous zones / The more ticklish the more you have / Sitting on the curb of what used to be the burbs / And before that was Canarcie / I'm a disturbed and bitter herb / Like saltwater and parsley / Mics crawl up, tights fall down / That's my mnemonic voice stalactite slash stalagmite / You may have this Maglite / It survived the apocalypse / And for the fragile force of an agile horse / Here's a handful of very special chocolate chips
Yeah, that's the funky funky shit, ay bust it, yo, yo Deltron tremendous force to end your courssssse / Every whim is enforced / I send men with torches to raid your fortress / And in the process radiate your optics / Subconsciously haunt emcees / Super human technician atomic inner dimension / Too mental with intuition Typographical aptitude let my lasers clap at you / Mapped the route, psychologically crappin out, what you laughing bout? / Imitations getting penetrated in free simulations / In my emcee training class remain in mass / Never get liquidated convert energy / Into matter instantly, with a pen and pad / Calculate the Sino graph, heat the center of gravity / Abolish apathy graphically packing 380's / With body heat sensitive bullets you need safety / Fest on your face and neck / Mental armory levitate legs for my monarchy / No malarkey my flows embarking Zionically sparking brain cells till they're sparkling Chorus (Repeat 2x) No one knows the time passing by. I remake my universe every time I use a verse / To fulfill my destiny, emcees rest in peace / Side barriers provide care within / From impurities every word sees your attention like third degree / I subjugate you other fake performers while the bass of your face / No sense you be in attempt fleeting / Emcees siphon my likeness / Biting my insides like five enchiladas / This plain of existence is amazingly different / From my orbital oratory always going for the glory You pop wide open from my slice slogans / I stay in effect with alien tech / Make you wanna say he's the best / With synchronization with commendation its armor plated hard to fake it / Never carbonated, scar your matrix / Virtually uncertainty, murk your mediocre sheets and sofa With my style of energy, Del assembling / A realm where anything, is possible / NASA scientists can't define this / Mechanical mind set diamond alignment Chorus (Repeat 2x) No one knows the time passing by. Mathematical astro grapple a flow / Pterodactyl / Very factual crash course / Last resort, cast me off / At last we warp to my own world, my own neurological cubbyhole / Open the airshaft I'll be there fast / With spare raps to tear back their mass / Deltron experimental critical literal Professor test the pitiful / Micronautalyst interchangeable / All of this gamma grammar far from bama / Got mind control bandannas / To control your clan with scanners / Brand the planet like a band of bandits / Who man the cannons and guns with random / Sub atomic, love of logic, bug with phonics / Tub of chronic low in bridle with controlling ciphers / Unraveling rhyme, in traveling time / Alien life form mail in a pipe bomb / Deltoid life long I write songs / Monarch absolute, serve a glass of proof / When I vanish leave my spirit in a planet / On top of the surface my words and wit emerging Chorus (Repeat 2x) No one knows the time passing by.
I envision turbulence and murder since it's an everyday occurrence It's 3030, yo, I get my hands dirty / They think they the pure breed / Medically insured weed / Fuck the system / Non-conformist humans / Walk around because of their ordinance, just ornaments / Super-thugs use computer bugs / All ignoramuses reduced to savage half-beasts off a crack piece / Not me, I'm shit-faced, which way but loose / In a hovercraft, not no bubble-bath, turbo-boost / Fuck Earth / I want to live on Mars so I'm closer to the stars / And farther away from dumb civilization / With no mental stimulation / They changed the constitution for your red white and blue friends / Exterminate nuisance / No one listens to what you said / The online is touching your head / With brainwashing, with propaganda about your fearless leader / Who got two hundred bodyguards so you can't touch him either / Bodies disappear / Obviously of fear lobbyists can't get near shit / Everybody's spirits are under control / Computers run with the soul / Elitists defeat us, they live by the beaches / Bubbledome over the hemisphere, so you can't enter here / We live in the dumps with mutant rodents / With blood red eyes, saliva drips for opponents / Scratch your ID chip off cuz everybody own it Chorus (Repeat 3x) I envision turbulence and murder since it's an everyday occurrence They only teach high-tech in private portables / That float above commoners / They'd soon as bomb it first / Advanced safety features, from contact with creatures / Who either slave their lives away in outdated factories / Or may be bounty hunters in a land of apathy / I'm Butch Cassidy, style wild, uncontained / I steal computer disk files, drink water from drains / Metal detectors check ya, with reflectors in every sector / While I drink electric nectar / No one believes inspectors and spooks / They just lecture the youth about having respect and cooth / Toward the US, and you guessed it / The rest get imprisoned or incisions in their medulla / No president, we have a ruler / You are to be inside by 9 o'clock or we will shoot ya / Missile launchers haunt ya in your nightmares / It ain't quite fair, little tykes ain't prepared / They've got your wife naked bare in the subway / For some thug play, neo-punks with cerebral pumps / For enhanced recognition of politicians and witches / Senior citizens are disposed against their wishes / Aliens landed and said our planet wasn't worth invadin / Cuz all the natural resources are fadin Chorus (Repeat 3x) I envision turbulence and murder since it's an everyday occurrence
Battlesong 04:07
Interplanetary adversaries battling for supremacy / Sounds like a good way to build up my infamy / Soon as Automator sent for me / We headed over to receive our registration forms from the galactic embassy (Yes may I help you) / Remember me / To escape a global panic we had to intercede (Oh you're here for the battle forms) / Yeah can we get them for free (I'm afraid not you'll have to pay the entry fee) / It was worth a try when we first arrived on Mercury / Gravity adjustment must then / Step up contestant / Number 12, I was 13 he started bursting ammunition that wasn't working / His rudimentary technical abilities couldn't kill me Not me for a loop / But I can still breath / He had the crowd going by appearance / Here comes the anticipated interference from his squad and guards / I bust back with onslaught of hydrothermal clod that burnt they're third eye / The out num but I come with heat & trigger a massive explosion to the beat / They hit me compressed air / Left my chest bare / My sonic stun gun takes em out by the next snare We won the bout just as the oxygen tanks were running out / So we're back to the ship / Pull a map from a blip / Manipulate the cursor / Recharge our essentials set the coordinates then flow / Through a trillion miles of space with style embrace / Next stop Pluto to rock these new flows / Atmosphere methane be strategic like a chest game / Leaves this mc with chest pains / I had to battle a shadow in his black life form / He dazzled me added 3 points to his score / Engulfed my microphone with darkness added 3 more / The panel started to roar / I had to find the core of his power / He stretched his text causing me to black out / It took my DAT out / I couldn't back out / It took out the sound man I'm taking a pounding / I bust out an acapella that's astounding Project a uni-beam through his spleen / Pulled out my x-ray cannons to disintegrate the phantom / It's not fine my cell structure ruptured / His form will get bust up into clusters / Shadowy masses spread to the greater darkness of outer space / Now I'm placed 1st among artist Serve due more space travel / Computer (Yes deltron) / What have you / Next destination / The colony of Sicilia an earth colony / This is appealing / Hyperspace / With mic in place we was off breathing frost / in a void thinking what if we had lost / Ha / Entertain an ignorant thought / Land Ho, Sicilia we entered the port / Fill out a few forms then we meet our challenger named Qusar (No matter who you are I'll handle ya) / He's a real charmer / I threw on my pla-steel armor / He wants to absorb the talents that I worked so hard for / A bitter hard core / I busted a few shots and opened him like a car door / He was a quadruped, four arms / He hit me with four fore arms made of bronze / I said Automator play the song (You got it) / Was the theme / Made a slight alteration in my scheme / Set him up with a condition beam with his double team / Leaned toward his dome piece and reamed the back of his neck / With a cranial disruption siphon / Squeezed out his brain like juice / Like a python
Love Song 03:26
Yo yo yo, check this out man 1 for you, 2 for me 3 for you, 15 for me 20 for you... now check it out Yo / I just won 10 grand in the Galactic / Rhyme Federation championship, so I'm lampin a bit / I feel like returnin to Earth and burnin some herb / I'm sick of lookin at the inside of space stations / Time for Deltron to take a vacation / My expertise in aviation got us to our destination (where?) / The East Bay / My living quarters is completely froze solid / I thaw it out with a heat ray / Now I'm chillin in a sauna, pulsating jet streams / Peeping out in virtual reality my wet dreams / Perusing my 21st century classic comics, the fun is astronomic / (ha ha ha) I figured since I'm here I'll renew my galactic passport / So I'm not persecuted by no galactic assholes / Schemers on the ave / With their holographic hat-tricks / Using magnetism to pick-pocket citizens / Tourists walk around with memory apprehension glasses / They attempt to capture / The past tense / Virtual junkies, burnt out and lost / War veterans still trapped in the Holocaust Chorus Yes I know all the answers Living in my true love's arms I'm sittin on the porch readin Cosmopolitan / Peepin all these dumb hoes with enhanced collagen / I'm calling in sick today / Big mistake / This resulted in a final pay check and pink slip to take / Replaced by my successor cause I missed my place / Knowin that the Rhyme Federation will miss my face (fuck y'all) / Referred to as a big disgrace / Now I'm free-lance with more risk to take / Now a rhymin merc, finding certified androids / Hit a convention, signin autographs for fan-boys / They admire / My enhanced stanzas / And how I dodge man-hunts / And security cameras / Avoided apprehension in sub-atomic dimensions / And even more impressive cause of what we livin / A self contained environment, I suggest I'm just a minor threat / I see a thing of beauty fly as heck, standing by her desk / Paid her my respects, I was too scared to try to step / So I deployed one of my androids with dialect / Synthesized with my voice perfectly replicated / Asked for her name, and was she married? / "No we're separated" Booty Hey baby... baby you're looking real fine... / Your behind, you got 3 booty cheeks... That's kind of unique for... for a on this planet / What say me and you hit the hot spot over here, I got a few sandwiches we be eaten / Yo it's cool though, you got one eye man but you trippin though / Listen you, me and you, we goin places, we goin' far, go all the way to Mars / Venus... we'll go to Venus if you want to / Venus, Paris, it sound kinda... Chorus (Repeat 2x) Yes I know all the answers Living in my true love's arms
Memory Loss 04:39
You try to get over your gonna go under What did he say? You try to get over your gonna go under Literally it's 3030 I don't got time to be wasting time on you slow pokes I want y'all to, get open, like the ocean / Brothers be buggin like "He's from Oakland?" / What? I'll whoop you insinuatin we ain't capable / Stupid ass niggas is gonna rape a hoe / A few out a thousand / My town is foundin fathers of the black panthers we provide answers / You don't wanna believe then y'all are some blind bastards / They got you set up real good you're generalizing Industry rising while energies reclining / Niggas think I'm whinin but I really don't give a shit / Cause everybody's dyin but y'all think that's the end of it / Thats why it's so easy to be a Benedict / Or imitate cause they wouldn't teach ya algebra when you was eight / Now you fourty-eight and you hate children / Forgot where you came from now your straight illin / Don't fight the feelin / You better deal with it It don't matter what you do or say / Try to get away but I'm gonna catch ya / Wanna compare your self to them Well guess what homeboy you don't match up / I'm my own individual so I know it isn't true just cuz you say it is Cuz anything thats truth got proof it ain't you / That's simply just the way it is / Sing Sean - Lookin up the sky is red. City's burning up over head Del - Flame on baby Sean - We can make the best of it Del - Rock that Sean - In this post apacolypse Del - Right on I'm on some real shit / So real brothers feel this / Cause we know reality is crazy / Thats why nothin amaze me / Look in the past / You might have to go farther then the book in your class / My niggas cookin some crack and moms gets the first hit / Thats ok with you? thats ok with me / I'm not here to judge the way you be / I got my own ccomplications the government shoeless rations / Plantations is man labor for 5 bucks for hourly intervals / I get a G for that / So believe what I spit to you is given back / Don't think that I'm livin that dream / When the I.R.S reposes most of your cream / It's like I dream when I die I wake up / I see all the people I disrespected and try to make up / It's praise to the creator, relate to nature


released October 17, 2000


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.


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