First day off probation, no wastin' time / Just like ancient times and take a dime and roll it / Blaze it with no fear / After havin' to take piss tests for a whole year / Smokin' with a cold beer makes me kinda think / Why I don't like to drink heavily, 'cause what my P.O. was tellin' me 'You can't smoke and even eat poppy seeds / But you can buy liquor, and drink all you need / It's callin' me, I used to drink Heineken's / Now it's 'bout 5 or 10, plus wine and gin / Hennessy, finishing the last drop / To the liquor store was a cash crop / Drive right past the grass spot / Doin' the dumbest shit I ever did in my life / Riskin' my life / Resistin' arrest / It's in my flesh / Probably smell funny / And there go Del's money / Fast forward to 1998 / I smash more herb than those old day's / With a whole J to the face / Nah, I'm still feelin' gettin' drunk more than weed / But now we back in Amster-D, got some grams for me / Chocolate Thai, Purple Haze and blocks of hash that make the J's last for days / Rollin'em so phat, circumference stuffed with major chronic / We can put a wager on it / When we first got out here in Europe it was everywhere / Even at the gas station, I was down in the mat / A fast pace, when I thought 'This shit ain't helpin' nothin' / When I can get elevated straight puffin' nothin''


(Cuts) Straight puffin' nothin'...
(Cuts) Straight puffin' nothin'...
(Cuts) Straight puffin' nothin'...

The smokin' sessions was the best in the world / Plus the price was right, affordable, so more to use / So fat they deserve the Kodak / And no tax so I'm savin' / Not misbehavin' / That's a risk we takin', we ain't talkin' bout that / We in the outback, smokin' till my mouth's black / How's that? / Another fucked up for sho', being blow / I sorta didn't get it crunk / When I was drunk / Slow that liquor down boy, hit this BM, Bob Marley / A tribute / 'Cause it's probably as fat as it was he rolled / When he strolled / Down the same cobble stone streets / With his own beats / Another generation, a different time zone / With his mind blown, thinkin' up divine poems / Blessed by the father and it gets them farther with spiritualities / Since it all affects the Karma / I used the herb for good purposes / Some people are sure to diss, but up in Amsterdam they nurture it / And I can't forget about Krystonia / This kid is brainia / Try to sell hard drugs there then they claimin' ya life / They only deal with real shit / All the bomb and hash you want to deal it / And all's well, they don't even sell it for much / And the cops don't really touch, 'cause it ain't slangin' dust / I'm writin' this, right now under the influence / But if you'd just torch those that say I shouldn't do this / Bob Marley'd out, at least 'til I'm back by the lake / But I might roll 1 or 2 for old times sake...



from Both Sides of The Brain, released April 11, 2000


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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