Man, I knew this nigga from (back in the day) / I never knew he would be (actin this way) / He displayed some faulty shit / Wish I woulda caught the bitch / I stuck to talkin shit / Instead of setting off the apocalypse / Out in the O they tryin to play like hermits / Out in the O they'll smoke your ass like sherm sticks / Definitely something to be concerned with / You can't trust these niggas and it's time that I learn this / This nigga that I went to school with / Asked me for five bills, what you gonna do with that? / 'Bout to give you a whole five dollar bill / Of the shit had been real / It wouldn'ta been a big deal / But faultiness strikes, he said, "Let's take a hike up the block / And I'll give you the five out my sock" / I give him two, my homie gave him three / We was both wonderin what the fuck this gonna be / He took us over to a project building / I was bent off Cisco thinkin (* snorting, sneezing *) / He said "Wait here," and I started yellin / He didn't make clear his intentions while he bailin / Del infuriated, lost it, I drew the line, he crossed it / It's time to burn his ass like I was caustic / I was screamin, beamin, this lady came out her apartment / And said, "Bounce if you're here to start shit / Little boy," she was like "Some shit happened out here last night, Get the fuck out cause it won't be no fight" / This other nigga came out and said, "Don't shout, yo money gone, take this if you still wanna pout about it," / He opened his hand and I was shocked / In it was a crack rock / I said, "What the fuck I'm supposed to do with this, eat it?" / I said, ,"Keep that shit," / And then the lady said, "Beat it" / "He told you your money gone, so get your ass on" / I just did it cause I wasn't alone / This Mighty Morphin nigga who I thought was a friend / Transformed, took out a arm, wasn't nothin but a fiend / He was fiendish, fiendish / He was suckin basepipes like a penis / He was fiendish / Heh / Fuck that punk / Ha-hah


from Future Development, released January 1, 2002


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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