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go against the grain get
told to yo face

my time is short
my thoughts are lazer
precise and accurate
master any phase of
mordern technology
concerning audio fidelity
finally settling you meddling
foes who ain't
never in vogue you just
better let go befo i
get in your dome and just
set up a home to rest
DzL he only
promote the best
locin up to blow the set
sky high nice try nigga
i roll with vets who
never stray away from the
flavor taste some
oopsie i threw in some razor blades
ace of spades i lay
naysayers to waste
prey for grace but
act like you want it first
cause see me i'm not at
all concerned
really though you need a
hearing aid cause you don't hear me though

slap you in yo earlobe with
funk till you fear it though

my time
my rhyme
i got something for ya and i
think you gone like it
funk in the fashion
something to blast in yo
vast envelope of space
keep a hold of the faith
build strength to
hold the weight
you go against the grain you get
told to yo face

like eh, dude
i ain't here to grade you but
you waaaay due for a learnin
once i drip some funk in your ear
you gone feel that burnin in yo sternum
that's how you know
you ain't fast you slow
gimme that
you cain't have it no mo

you just a victim of circumstance
so fuckin what?
everybody got the same story
it's classical
that's the whole balance of the challange of

gettin there
first you gotta get by the status quo
assholes with nothin to do
but fuckin with you
my time is spent on
comin up with a new
way to touch on the truth
trust in the Lord who
dominate over more than your
millions afford
all aboard you comin
whether you wanna or not
and it's gonna get hot
i saved you a spot
funk in the first degree
on me have a big helpin
if you repell it then you start meltin
cause you all jeleous
greedy fuckin car dealers
a big hoax naw i don't
feel you folks but i
smell you just the same
nothing changed you
play games but your stench
i can pick up a mile away
i'm stylin on fakes who
imitate to get a plate
but as you can see
you ain't finnah get a taste
of nothin but the funk
so say your grace
as i invade your space
and gauge your weight
i'm real heavy

feel every nerve ending bending
antennaes up and catchin
what you sendin
focus my attention on
gettin it and keepin it
defeat the stress with some
funk to digest
conductin dialect
just like a symphony
pimp epiphany
when hoes try to trick on me
ce la vie
they gone be all they can be
that keep me on my toes dancing

and i'm light on my feet bigfoot
quick and nimble
yo head is thick you simple
you know who i'm talkin to
all of you
ain't nothing wrong just
stay cool
this only phase two of
everybody play the fool
your move fool
and hurry up i ain't got all day
and you gotta move now
you playin the game
you stay in the game Jack
bitch out now and you get sent back
and you miss a turn
now you get to sit and burn
now you really hot, huh?

Sir DzL
he the deepest dig
ain't no secret he
speak how he live
keep talkin shit
cause he can talk back
10-4 good buddy
what he stuff in a rap
be too much fo
sukas to sap
imagine that
for all the funky people's
entertainment to laugh at


from Funk Man ( the stimulus package), track released April 7, 2009
Produced by del added vibes, cuts by Zac Hendrix


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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