i'm smellin myself

i'm so tiiiight!!!
i'm so tiiiight!!!
i'm so tiiiight!!!
i'm so tiiiight!!! [i'm smellin myself]x4

i'm checkin under my underarms
lemme take a good whiff
lemme see if i stank
i don't need deodorant
in the mode i spit i'm the
global event
told them this but they don't
know when to quit
so i blow em to bits
it's the African funk
fresh from the motherland
better than the other brands
on the other hand
you be the judge
tell me how you feel about it
i got a buzz
it is what it is and it
do what it does...

the funkyhomosapien is
a new species
he is the shit

at least he's the feces
com-plete-ly-in-tune you
can't eat me...
i know i stank
"i'm bettter than u"
oh no you ain't!
i'm a show you ain't
"no you ain't"
shut up!

"Di please tell me the
reason why you know
i cain't even lie
i gotta habit i
need my fix
please assist
me in this mixup"
ok slow down
start from the beginning
"well, Del
i know you been peeping game
and how it unfold
you understand how this
dumb ol' record industry
pimp artists for platinum
they don't want gold"
"well, we the listeners feel
that this shit is really
outta bounds
how that sound?
they think we sheep
and put out the

weakest mofos with a beat"
i smell i peep
"ok. i'm fiendin for th e crack
you need to bring it back"
it's good as done
stick your nose in this

naw holmes go ahead
get a bigger whiff
"damn that's ridiculous!!!!"
"what kind is that?"
i call it primal rap
take the funk and
apply it to tracks
not like these
hip hop versions of Spinal Tap
they caricatures
beware of the curse
"what curse?"
you know the spell
that they put you under
you won't be able to smell
it's sorta like
sportin a halo in Hell
feelin out of place and your
halo melt
you can cop some of this
while they on sale
directly from me
not Rapidshare links
funk is everywhere but
this is a rare thing
"ok that's what's up
i'm bout to tell fools

nobody do it like Del do"
what's that?
"nobody do it like Del do"
whatchoo say?
"nobody do it like Del do"
i need a hearing aid
"nobody do it like Del do"
i need a hearing aid
"nobody do it like Del do"

i get down so
far that i'm musty and
funky and that's good luck
that'll come my way
so don't trip
while i take a sniff
and get high off my
own supply oops
i went against rule number one
but if i'm the
dope in question i
know when to measure out
the accurate dosage of
flows to kick so
none of these posers get
their chosen pick
i walk around with a
oder and scent
let the funk ferment
so burn the inscense
but it doesn't matter
if you can't stand it
funk spead all over
the planet expanding

make the globe move
cause you know you gotta
life is too funky to fake it
gotta put twice the
effort just to make it
people want the
real no imitation
and most you cats is
mediocre your
raps be insulting the culture
and where do we go from here?
follow ya nose
the nose always knows


from Funk Man ( the stimulus package), track released April 7, 2009
Produced by del added vibes, cuts by Zac Hendrix


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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