You don't have to worry any longer. . .

Yo, wait a damn minute / Listen to the way the man spit it / Even with improper diction / I split in & gets ends / I'm lettin' suckas know / I'm fin ta buck a bro / The nigga figga he can dust a pro-fessional / I test a fool / I get a tool and beat him wit it / He didn't see me wit it / And this is what I'ma do / Tie the crime to you / Niggas need to find a new rhyme to do / I remember when I used to grind a few indo sacks at my wack Sr. High School / But I told the Dean bye fool / I graduated / He was a man I hated / And I'm glad I made it / Hie-ro / I know / You know / Fools know, that my crew's so / Phat, / If niggas try to jack / Then I know they got my back / A-Plus must bust the wack.


I'm fed up with the wackness and this weak shit / So peep the style and learn how to freak shit / I hope, ya, learn how ta cope / By the time you peep this shit here, I'll be three times doper / Yeah, this is for the trendy G's / To ya bitches, and high school enemies / All the hoes shoot me to the left and shit / Cause my financial state was on defecit / But I, really didn't trip / Now I'm livin' phatter and them niggas don't matter / A lot a rappers try frontin' on me / But they aint got nuttin' on me / And ain’t no way that buck can harm me / I turn the mouths of MCs into molecules / Niggas locked onto me like my follicles / I swallow fools with no regurgitation / We hurt ya face, men / When ya placed in my path.



I bust asses / Ya slow like molasses / As this continues / Then you know the fastest / Computing, looting, I gets the root of things / Bitches with problems / I leave ya jaw numb / I slap hoes / My rap flows along with the flow of the song / As I flow on the bong / I use Jedi mind tricks to find tricks / Bind tricks, tie them up / Then I try and fuck then they die / And what do I care? / I dare hoes / And prepare flows cause I never spare those lives / Who strives / With knives and slice / I parilyze ya twice with fear / Del is nice to your ears.


Not of hardest, artists going far / Jack off from Jupiter because I'm shooting for the stars / I'm a mack / Never come wack / Gimme a 30 second snippet / I'll rip it / Because the shit gets deeper / Creep ya ass as the floor rocks / We got the beat hittin' hard like four cops / Shorts out my last record / I write my rhymes naked / Let me give you a tip / I'm on the balls / so just expect it / My rep gets phatter thinkin' about those kids / They tried to step and got fucked like they momma did / By the Mr. Mo’skill / I did ya hoe, still / She's askin' for waxin' cause she heard a hoe squeal / Hoes I'm, getting more play than Showtime / The demon got ya screamin' with no shine / No time for regular run of the the mill
I'm packin' with steel boy soldiers / Never no more the soul soldier.



from No Need For Alarm, released January 1, 1993


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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