Oooh, hoo, pissin on your steps

It's D-E-L the Funkee Homosapien to the rescue / I'm solo and threw a bolo and left two dancers back on Soul Train / And ya know Soul Train get the fat dookie stain / Now what ya gonna do with the board with no talent / Using step 1 & step 2 to keep the show valid let's have a vote and try to register our ballots / And realize a Hammer's just a mallet / Toss him like a salad cause he ain't truly gifted / Now the party's lifted by the crew Hieroglyphics / Golly Wally, not another Elvis & Priscilla / Ice is cool, but I can't stand Vanilla / Because he takes a style and tries to mock it / Ain't nothin' personal, G / But I'm kinda inta chocolate / It's all about the black / and it's like that / And I'm so laid back cause I smoked a phat sack / Plus I'm almost through & done with a whole 40-dog of Olde English 800 / Now I peep ya concept / Ya think ya got a rep? / Dance all day, while I'm pissin' on your steps.

Chorus (Repeat 4x)

Oooh, hoo, pissin' on your steps


No Del is not a mean fellow / Just because I wanna turn your dance shoes yellow / See I'm rather mellow / Some call it lazy / Me & myself and I ain't with the daisies / Cause I'm no goddamn flower / And every single dancer in circumference / Receives a golden shower / I'm here to insult the hip hop John Travolta / Ya think ya all that / But really you're shorter than a midget / I don't fidgit, with the ballet,

Ice Cube - Fuck a dancer

Because that's what my pals say / And brothers don't shake ya rumps / Wearin' biker shorts is like chokin' on ya nuts / Because ya might end up with a cramp or a hernia / And that's much worse, than a fine girl burnin' ya / Plus it ain't fly for you to have your behind blasted all out like a feline / See I'm givin' you advice / Make ya think twice / Cause dance groups don't last past Minute Rice / So change ya conept / Acquire some skills on the mic while I'm pissin' on your steps.

Chorus (Repeat 3x)

Oooh, hooo, pissin' on your steps

I gotta take a leak for the weak (Repeat 7x)

Cuts until song fade


from I Wish My Brother George Was Here, released January 1, 1991


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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