Pull over, get out of the car (You’re under arrest)
Slowly put your hands behind your head legs crossed (You’re under arrest)
Uhhh...Bob, we have a couple of style biters over on 17th Avenue.
We’re gonna need back up
Send in Del and the Hieroglyphics

I think it’s time to get the zap board / The rap lord has disembarked to restore the missing parts / For all ya’ll, stiffer than starch / You know the pictorial symbol / Portable nimble brain waves got my grimy chains jiggling / I’m burning at Higher Learning like Singleton / Single out simpletons with stylings such as intercon / It’s the bomb let’s get it on / Mr. Bombay to you / Slay a crew You never paid your dues / You’re testimony phony bologney / And boney with only a wooden leg to stand on / Like a pregnant panda in the wilderness and I’m the wildebeast / And I see you still a thief with my style in the grill of your teeth / Diligently apealing with speech with militant beats / in and of leaks to let my feet miss the freeze / Mysterious blistering like the gold on Mr T Handicap your voyeurism destroy your vision / Massive with gashes no defended forms step in the swarm of bees leave with hives / Rhymes conceive with knives of flesh / While your wild as exile / My text styles spookier than x-files / You fruity like a pedophile / After the battle cries thats when I metabolize / While you fantasize I antagonize like replacement killers ease your filler / Riduculous, meticulous / Fry you like a chicken breast / Fuck your smith n wesson / Pull you out of the oven get the dressing / With possession / Question all directions / While you still a suck petulence / Stuck dwelling in the past.

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

Pull over, get out of the car (You’re under arrest)
Slowly put your hands behind your head legs crossed(You’re under arrest)

I do it till I feel fine / Real rhyme / Still time / Stop frame / Drop change / Rock brain / Stock exchange / Mock my name / There’s not a lot to gain from that / When I’m up to bat its like you trying to duck a gat / You commonplace / I shift time and space / Leave your mind erased like the year 2000 and data replaces the faces / Cause there is no oasis / I wield your locations / A military pack of black tornadoes / I Fernando Slam ya on a amble / Scrape you with a breakthrough / Lacerate your plastic face acquired though plastic surgery / I leave your flow burgundy and crimson limbs and arteries / Down in the chart MC’s / As I’m sipping margaritas its a part of the feature from the particle preacher / Universal ubiquity when you sit with me and chat / You will get to see a fat flow that fried your brain cells like formaldehyde or alkaline / Check the words now combined / Leave you with powder burns / Deltron Z has now returned / My dogmatic songs average rap artists / I’m an author who augments my solstice to the tip with my groove essentials / I’m coming in a hydrofoil spreading hydroponics / While you chasing the dragon / Like your facing a magnet / My brain is digital playing with analog controllers / Force movement in increments with instruments

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

Pull over, get out of the car (You’re under arrest)
Slowly put your hands behind your head fingers crossed(You’re under arrest)

I think we got’em, Uh I think we got’em. Lock’em up and throw away the key
Hieroglyphics is in the house. Yeah, yeah.


from Both Sides of The Brain, released April 11, 2000


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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