fit like a glove

i got that shit
i got that shit that
really work and it fit
like a glove
and i be speadin the love
i ain't stingy
niggas just gotta get wit me
perfect fit
try it on for size
you gone work it
put it on
flaunt it on purpose
make it your own
take it and grow
haters don't know
we tried to tell em this shit
100s of years ago

ok all you mugs lissen up
we got a few fools out here
poppin shit about us
i know you heard
same ol' backwards shit
by now i know u probably used to it
i got news fo them tho
hustlin baby
end of discussion
handle it

on the goodfoot
movin forward
all u niggas who be
so full 'o shit
i just ignore u
comin up wit
cures for ills
mysterious fields that
be hoverin
i peep and discover them
the consequences as
the song commences
dumb defenseless
sons of bitches shouldn't tempt this
in an instant
i will away offences
to distances that render
them inneffectual
flow is impeccable
checkin hoes
disrespectin foes
who don't need no label
call em joe shmoe
i don't need no label
make my own dough
u wanna get in on this
funk then compromise
seein as i'm on the rise
the industry's demise
i had the foresight to
notice in development
Sir DzL
he never settle fo less

ghetto express
delivery like federal express
keep the harmony
within confusing boundaries
that's my specialty
illusions surrounding me
just be comedy
outdated special fx
cuttin edge in 1936
most of all i see be
straight up fiction
depictions of mofos
playin the victim
way too privileged
who be hatin like bitches
way too suspisious
need to take ur position

out my way mofo
movin thru
you get an "F" for fired
i got it from here jack

your idea of discipline
about as dumb as it gets
your mind shallow
that ain't as deep as it gets
the flow's heat when i spit?
roast mofos plus the
beat to a crisp
ain't no secret to this
Sir DzL the
reaper my bitch
ain't no sequel to this

get off my dick and
make ur own sequence of hits
i be deep in the abyss
frequently pissed
because u underestimate
how i be freakin the gift
completely in bliss
walk around souped like Cambell's
can't tell
or accept
i got it goin on
F ur test
i walk around
expecially vexed
ready to rep
because i know you petty and pet
as in petro
throw u in the death hold
flexin flows
press more than you can tow
you go ahead attribute
my triumph with flukes
shit again right in yo grill
there's the proof
you can't hear me tho
i got an eerie flow i know
it spook ya
bitch it's the future
get used to it
DzL he here to stay
drill funk in yo ear
give you an earache
fear make you tremble

backstab yo own kinfolk
that's how you know that the
end is close
Sir DzL
i'm a win the vote
cause i give em hope
and your whole intent is to
pimp a hoe

you gotta be fuckin kiddin
i will slap the shit outta you mofo
get the fuck outta here
i see u think you're
superior in every corridor
where attributes and faculties
kick it
but you weak
that's the most accurate description
and no you don't hear me
what i'm sayin ain't nearly near
what it appears to be
handle it
Sir DzL
comin to you live
like a telephone wire layin
out in the street
zzzzt! watch out
here to serve the community
with true flow fluidly
ain't nothin new to me
i taught the school to read
now dig that


from Funk Man ( the stimulus package), released April 7, 2009
Produced by del added vibes, cuts by Zac Hendrix


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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