Young adrenaline
Del, he a veteran,
Son I remember him
Yeah he the medicine
But he don’t heal’em , his funk put an end to it
Personal prescription is poisonous and venomous
Young adrenaline D-E-L you did it again, you did it again

Yo peep the transition from here to there
Man you understand pimpin’ shits different
Now peep the conversation between me and you and about clockin paper Which means makin one worthy of the cream
Cause nobody passin it out
Before elastic came out, yeah your ass is out
If you don’t dig
Concentrate the effort cause the shits big
You wont live very long fuckin’ around
There’s something about puttin’ my foot in front of the other
Start struttin’ I’m mean with it lean with it like I’m really something to see
I smell bad, yeah the funk is on me you going to get some
Keep up the friction till a spark lights dry grass and fry yo ass
Fire sign DZL, Leo,
Some say I’m egotistical but that’s cause they below
Here throw on these spectacles and see what D know
Peep why my concentration deep like Preemo
Don’t get mad cause you missed the bus
Blame it on luck and miss the next one pulling up (ad-lib)
Knowledge, groundbreaking thoughts I process
Get me outta nonsense leaving most foxes astonished
I’ll box ebonics talk like weed and chronic if it had human capabilities
I break it down like segments on a centipede
Im blowin’ steam diggin’ the scene

D, he know these things
He like to roll with kings and crusaders
Who probably stole your rings
Slide’m off your fingertips
Thats how it will go on the low you never know
So flossin is just not an option
Don’t even wanna or feel a need to parade what i made in front of the people who made me DZL
And you know if you fake they gonna see you

In a minute tho
I got an endless flow pinned up on the wall like centerfolds
I sit enclosed in a sound lab with profound task I undergo
Cause I’m coming close to the knowledge I need to get on some next shit
And now I gotta lead and take work damnit
And I know it all seems hella easy and fun
But those be the wack ones see some action for years
They maybe crackin’, poppin but they dont last too often
Longevity means you survive,
Short sightedness means not issued for the flight
Secruity tight
He gotta stay on the ground
He hatin’ like a child but I’m on my way now
Fuck’em let the motherfucka hop greyhound
Maybe he can hang around the rim for a rebound
Can’t ever see style, much too forward, plus too boring for a feeble mind dormant
Evil, I know it but shit it’s kind of funny though
Motherfuckas laugh at my expense on another show or another channel
But I control this particular network with a different direction
You alive but not actively growing
So insulting me the impact below 3,
Negative 26 the funniest shit cause I’m real with it
Tellin you there’s money to get
Keep running your lips
You gonna see it’s comin’ up in a bit
Hold up, hold up

Conversation begins until music fades...


from Funk Man ( the stimulus package), track released April 7, 2009
Produced by del added vibes, cuts by Zac Hendrix


all rights reserved



Del The Funky Homosapien Richmond, California

Oakland Raider, Richmond Rap Practitioner. Hieroglyphics / Deltron 3030 / C7 / GOODXLUCK. Keep the FUNK alive.

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